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Annual Award Nominations

Annually the Lansing Education Foundation recognizes Teachers of the Year and Educational Support Persons of the Year for each building in the district. An individual is also selected for Lifetime Achievement in furthering the educational quality of the Lansing educational community. 

Please take a few moments to nominate an educator, support person and an individual who impact our students and support educational excellence in our community.

All completed forms must be returned to LEF by March 3, 2017 at 4:00PM at the Lansing District Office located at 200 E. Mary Street, Lansing, KS 66043.

Lansing USD #469 Teacher of the Year 2017-2018 Form PDF

Lansing USD #469 Educational Support Professional of the Year 2017-2018 Form PDF

Lansing Educational Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award 2017-2018 Form PDF



Lansing Teachers, Support Persons, and

Lifetime Achievement Awardees




Teacher of the Year Awardees: Susie Carpenter & Stacey Jenkins




Teacher of the Year Awardees: Janice Flanagan & Debra Curatola

Educational Support Person Awardees: Christine Smith & Michaela Bremser




Teacher of the Year Awardees: Jennifer Kolb & Sherri Schwanz

Educational Support Person Awardees: Rena Kowalewski & Jennifer Manthe

Lifetime Achievement Awardees: Charlotte Powell




Teacher of the Year Awardees: Sara Mulford & Kathyrn Bach

Educational Support Person Awardees: Connie Hamilton & Janie Hodam

Lifetime Achievement Awardees: Eugene & Ada Young




Teacher of the Year Awardees: Connie Evans & Ginny Scott

Educational Support Person Awardees: Jan Zoellner & Kristie Wessel

Lifetime Achievement Awardee: Priscilla LoPresti




Teacher of the Year Awardees: David Smith & Cathy Smith

Educational Support Person Awardees: Jim Slapper and Teresa Kraft

Lifetime Achievement Awardees: Wilbur & Laura Barnes





Teacher of the Year Awardees: Susan Murphy & Barb Robinson

Educational Support Person Awardee: Mary Jane York

Lifetime Achievement Awardee: Marla Spellman



Teacher of the Year Awardees: Carla Gutshall & Carolyn Cook

Educational Support Person Awardee: Chuck Holland & Siara Cook



Teacher of the Year Awardees: Mary Ann Austin & Becky Kranhold

Educational Support Person Awardee: Connie Royal & Marianne Walker