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Foundation Programs


Educate the Pride Mini-Grants

Classroom grants are limited to a maximum of $500 per teacher, $1,000 per team of teachers or $5,000 for a team, department or building for a major educational project. Materials purchased with grant funds remain at the building and become the property of the Lansing School District.

Building Project Grant

The building project grant funds an annual project that benefits the entire school in some way. The grant may also fund staff development that addresses student needs or perhaps an activity that involves a large number of students.

Major Gift 

The major gift is a donation to the school district to help fund a specific project that benefits schools and the community.

Donor Directed Giving 

The LEF Board of Directors will establish funding categories so the donor may choose to give money or an in-kind donation specficially to a designated activity or project.

Memoriams and Honorariums

A donor may choose to honor or memorialize an individual with a donation to the foundation fund. The gift will be noted in LEF publications and at events.