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Special Programs


Yearly LEF supports Lansing USD#469 through special programs and events. These programs and events include the following:

  • Annual Educate the Pride Grant Program.
  • Annual Building Grant Program.
  • Annual Honors Awards Breakfast (April/May) to honor student, teacher, staff and community excellence within our schools.
  • Annual BBQ Bash for Lansing Educational Support Personnel (August).
  • Annual Benefits Fair Support for All District Staff (December).
  • Delta Dental Toothbrush Kit Program to support dental hygiene for all students K-5 (January/February).
  • LEF Biennial Gala held every even year in the fall to raise funds to support LEF programs.
  • Lansing Pride Patrol (September).



The Delta Dental of Kansas Foundation has partnered with LEF, Lansing USD #469, and the University of St. Mary to support the 2012-2013 Dental Hygiene Prevention Program at Lansing Elementary School. Through this partnership Delta Dental has granted 720 toothbrushes, toothpastes, and floss to be distributed to our Lansing students K-2!

Thank you Delta Dental for your support of our Lansing students and partnering for their health!

Article 1-30-2013

Leavenworth Times Article January 30, 2013