Total Grant & Gift Funding to USD #469

2017-2018 School Year $30,475.73

Funded Educate the Pride Grants 2017-2018

Total Mini Grants Awarded $15,402.38


Little Ears Need a Listening Center - Lansing Elementary School

Ashley Baker & Afton Shelley           $263.21

To purchase a six person listening center with deluxe headphones.


Girls on the Run 5K Group- Lansing Elementary School

Maggie Peterson         $250.00

To provide funding support for the Girls on the Run Program for all participating students.


Ernie Miller Nature Center- Lansing Elementary School   

Molly Behne& Brandi Lynn  $912.00

To fund 4 in school field trips from the Ernie Miller Nature Center for 2nd Grade Students. Programs include Pilgrim from Plymouth, Kansas Symbols, Inspector Insector, and Wildlife Webs.


Literacy for the Ages   

Becky Lowery & 7th Grade Team     $910.00

To fund 140 books of “Woodsong” by Gary Paulson to enhance and support the 7th grade Literature curriculum.

Brain Pop 2.0     

Jennifer Kolb & Diane Peintner        $230.00

To fund a Brain Pop subscription for 6th grade science to enhance online tools available for students.


Happy Atoms     

Stephanie Major & Stacey Jenkins    $658.51

To fund Happy Atoms Magnetic Molecular Modeling Set and Educators Bundle. Providing a 250 atom set to enhance the LMS Science program.


Membean Vocabulary Instruction

Maeve Bolin, & LHS ELA Department        $5,000.00

This major grant provides a personalized online vocabulary program for every student at Lansing High School.


Life Skills Curriculum 

Linda Tekuelve, Kelli Denney           $799.00

To purchase Life Skills Curriculum for LHS and LINCS Special Education students including health advocacy, explore budgeting, look’n cook microwave lessons, and life skills lessons.


World Language Library     

Bianca Elliott, Sarah Clyde   $416.64

To purchase a World Language Library to enhance the foreign language curriculum in French and Spanish.


LHS Theatre Field Trip Sweeney Todd  

Casey McCord            $250.00

To support funding for a LHS theatre field trip for high school students to see Sweeney Todd at the KC Repertory Theatre.


Books are Here, Books are There, Preschool Books Everywhere 

Lori Daly, Kelly Knapp          $842.17

To purchase books and activity kits to support early literacy for Lansing Early Education students.


Now I Know my ABC's        

Keri Litewski & Lori Daly      $872.76

To purchase hands on activities to increase the exposure and learning of the alphabet and related skills for Lansing Early Education students.


Exercise in Disguise     

Margery Thompson & Ron Malcolm            $1,000.00

To purchase unique and engaging physical education materials to enhance the physical education program for students at the Lansing Special Education Administrative Building.


Employment Training for Students with Severe Disabilities        

Ron Malcolm & Special Education Team    $1,000.00

To enhance specialized programming for students enrolled in the secondary severe disability program at Lansing. Materials include items to enhance job readiness skills.


Defining Educational Access Freely          (D.E.A.F.)

Brad Sternberg & Special Education Team  $999.63

To purchase vocabulary, reading, grammar, writing and literacy materials for deaf and hard of hearing students district wide.


Sensory Seeking for Success 

Amanda Edwards, Bess Perkins       $998.46

To purchase materials focused on sensory integration for students with developmental disability during day to day functioning, transitions, and behavioral supports.

Funded Building Grants 2017-2018

Total Building Grants Awarded $2,000


Funded Art Program Grants 2017-2018

Total Art Program Grants Awarded $1,250


Lansing Teacher of the Year & Educational Support Professional of the Year Grant


Total Funded Additional Autism Program Grants $823.43


Other Grants Supported by LEF

 Mary Kay Pape Grant for LHS Auditorium


AT&T Aspire Grant- Lansing Transitioning for Life Success Project $8,000 

AT&T News Release 7-20-2017 PDF Link

"AT&T Gives $8,000 for Career Training Program for Lansing Students with Special Needs"

att globe vertical


BBQ Bash Support for Classified Staff Recognition


Delta Dental Toothbrush Kit Grant for all students Pre-K – 8th Grade


Materials purchased with grant funds remain at the building and are property of the Lansing School District.